Friday, 4 August 2017

EP Review: High Spirits 'Escape'

Chicago's finest high energy rockers High Spirits are back with a new EP titled Escape.

The EP includes four brand new studio tracks: 'Escape', 'Stagefright', 'Feels Like Rock And Roll' and 'Lonely Nights'.  Born Again's Craig was lucky enough to get an early listen- check below to see if High Spirits are still moving at Full Power! 

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The Escape tour EP picks up where 2016’s Motivator left off with the by-now familiar combination of strong melodies, pounding rhythms and anthemic choruses that makes High Spirits such an essential experience in the live environment. 

You know what you’re in for from the first bar on this release. The four-song EP opens with one of its strongest offerings, the title track, which boasts some simple yet catchy lead work reminiscent of a memorable track on the previous album
'Reach For the Glory', the lyrics presenting love as an escape from hard times and grim circumstances: "By the light in your eyes I will learn to fly". Following this, 'Feels Like Rock ‘n’ Roll' continues in a traditional High Spirits vein, referencing the energy one gains from the simple joy of a rock show. 

A solid if unspectacular number, it keeps the pace going. 'Stagefright' turns to darker lyrical territory dealing with anxieties, fears and, well, stage fright, built around a single. 'Lonely Nights' delivers the second highlight of the release: a slower-burning, moody number meditating on regret and bitterness. There’s not quite a certified modern classic in the vein of 'Full Power' or 'When The Lights Go Down' on this release, but we’re presented with a collection of high energy rock that demonstrates the range of High Spirits’ songcraft, and some worthy additions to those live sets where they shine brightest. 

You can pre-order yourself a copy of High Spirits' Escape here! 

Or for those of you who aren't familiar with High Spirits' previously released material- we highly recommend Another Night and You Are Here

Score: 4/5

Writer: Craig Stewart

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