Sunday, 15 October 2017

Hammer Of Doom XII 2017

The Hammer Of Doom smashes in to Posthalle once more, bringing legends Cirith UngolLucifer's Friend, Warning and Time Lord, amongst others, with it.

For those of us mourning the end of summer, and the departure of the festival season along with it, there is some solace on the way from Würzburg’s 'Hammer Of Doom Festival'.

There won’t be any camping, lakes or beer-soaked sunbathing this time around but the acts on offer more than make up for the lack of extra curricular activities. Somehow we’re sure there will still be plenty of beer involved….

Perhaps one of the biggest draws this year is a headline set from the mighty Cirith Ungol.  Following a massively successful European debut at 'Keep It True' this April, both those who were lucky enough to be there and the unfortunates who missed it will be eagerly anticipating another storming set.

Joining Cirith Ungol as festival headliners are UK’s depressive-doom masters Warning performing the entirety of 2006 full length, Watching From A Distance. The atmosphere that will likely descend over the hall during this masterpiece will surely leave few dry eyes in the room.

With a handful of shows under their belts since 2015, early doom pioneers Lucifer’s Friend will be making the trip to Würzbug. Anyone craving a progressive, keyboard heavy, 70s rock fix will be left satisfied when John Lawton and Co. do their thing.

Just last month another surprise was delivered with the announcement of Time Lord. In 2015 we were shocked by the tragic loss of Terry Jones. As well as being the original voice of Pagan Altar, Terry was a dear friend to so many around him within the community. In honour of Terry’s legacy, former Pagan Altar members Alan Jones, Diccon Harper and Andy Green will be joined by Brendan Radigan and Andres Arango of Magic Circle/Stone Dagger and Cauchemar/Metalian respectively. We are waiting in anticipation of the magic that Time Lord will certainly create in memory of Terry.

The bands taking positions further down the line up are no less impressive with the likes of Count Raven, Procession and, brainchild of Candlemass mastermind Leif Edling, The Doomsday Kingdom filling the ranks.

The Vision Bleak and Naevus, both of Germany are, other than Lucifer’s Friend, the only local offerings on a diverse international line-up with Greece, Italy, USA and Sweden all represented by The Temple, Witchwood, Pilgrim and Below.

This year’s Hammer Of Doom is absolutely not to be missed. We’ll see you all there in four weeks time – the countdown begins now!

Festival information and tickets can be found via the event Facebook page.

After show party details here.

Writer: Louise Dornan

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