Wednesday, 18 October 2017


We are very pleased to announce that the founder of The Heavy Metal Soundhouse NEAL KAY will join us behind the decks for a ONE NIGHT ONLY Christmas Extravaganza!

The night will include DJ sets from Neal Kay, Born Again and a special collaboration using 'Kay's Soundhouse Classics' which includes songs taken from the very last Soundhouse at the infamous Bandwagon! Additionally, the night will see many special guests, we hope that you can be one of them! Neal has commented on the event and says: -

“There I was, deep in slumber in my rocking chair at the ‘Home For Retired Old Rockers, OAPs and Terminal Loonies’, when I was awoken by two heavenly visions, approaching from the land of the living! The empty bottle of JD fell off my lap and crashed onto the floor, and sitting bolt upright I realised this was no dream! There was no escape - some things just must be done!

After cracking a fresh bottle, Kayleigh and Michelle made me an offer that I just could not refuse. I grabbed my Zimmer frame, staggered to my feet, cane in hand, and I accepted with honour the opportunity to take to the stage ONE MORE TIME in the name of The Heavy Metal Soundhouse. We will deliver to all who turn up, a few hours of an historic Xmas Soundhouse Extravaganza with the sounds that were used back in the day, some from over 40 years ago! As long as I can remember how it all works, that is! Even further tempting, was the offer of real decks to spin those vital vinyl classic works of greatness, with all the more modern gadgets thrown in as well.

So, I really am looking forward to this great event on Friday the 22nd December, and Michelle, Kayleigh and I together are going to make it a real old-fashioned "Night to Remember!"

I look forward to welcoming you once more to a real Soundhouse Christmas show.

It's not so much a's more like Rock N' Roll!”

£6 advanced cheap tickets can be found here.
£8 on the door.

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  1. Sadly I missed this one. Hope it went well Neal. Herman the German. :)