Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Born Again's Favourite Malcolm Young Moments

Rock 'n' Roll has lost another musical genius- the driving force of one of the greatest bands in the world- Malcolm Young of AC/DC.

We pay tribute to the man who not only co-founded AC/DC with brother Angus Young, but the rhythm guitarist who wrote some of the most catchy, well-known riffs in rock. He may have modestly stood at the back, whilst Angus took centre-stage during live shows, but it should be no secret that Malcolm was very much at the forefront when it came to AC/DC. Without Malcolm, AC/DC may never have achieved the success they so greatly deserve. 

So, in no particular order, here are some of our favourite Malcolm moments.

AC/DC- Can I Sit Next To You Girl? - (1974)

AC/DC's debut single and resulting promo video where a baby-faced Malcolm can already be seen showcasing that classic twitch as he bobs along to the rhythm of his Gretsch. He stands in usual position, executing the sound that was set to change Rock 'n' Roll forever (also sporting some very questionable attire, including a Scottish bonnet). 

Marcus Hook Roll Band- Quick Reaction (1973)

We absolutey love this track, taken from the brilliant 'Tales of Old Grand Daddy'- an album drunkenly created by members of the Young family including brothers Angus, George and of course, Malcolm himself. Although much slower in tempo, the sounds of AC/DC are already coming into fruition through not only those catchy, energised riffs, but also the raw energy and boystrous attitude that comes with the Young brothers. 

AC/DC- Riff Raff (1979)

One of the best rock riffs ever written? Most definitely! With an introduction to well and truly kick you up the butt, Riff Raff has of course some killer lead solos played by Angus, but it's that steady, heavy riff that is played consistently throughout that makes the song as incredible as it is. Powerage is an album that has Malcolm's name all over it, what with him beginning to take executive control over much of the writing and recording... what a corker it is!

AC/DC- Jailbreak (1976)

Another gift to Rock 'n' Roll and a song that will most certainly live forever, with an unforgettable riff which stays in your head for days. An early hit for the band, but well worth a mention all the same with it's steady, bluesy rhythm, catchy chorus, accompanied visuals and back story. A song that gives your muscles no choice but to contract. 

AC/DC - Shake A Leg (1980)

It would be a travesty to not include songs from Johnson-era AC/DC, particularly a song from Back In Black which is undoubetdly an album that everyone should have in their collection. Amidst the double entendres and sexual innuendos is 'Shake A Leg'. Johnson's squeals and the upbeat tempo of this song creates a Zeppelin-esque tone which matches the drinking and women theme to this album perfectly. Malcolm's riffing on this track reminds us why AC/DC are the ultimate 'boogie rock' band.  

AC/DC - Fly On the Wall (1985)

Fly on the Wall is a greatly underrated AC/DC album and well, this song deserves a mention for Malcolm's right leg alone. The calf muscle in that leg is getting a serious work-out as he pounds along to the track. In seriousness, this is an absolute ripper of a song. It's got so much power and heaviness which, combined with Johnson's 'rip-you-to-shreds' vocals, never fails to get you going. Another cheeky, hilariously sexist release, but a killer record all the same. 

We miss you, Malcolm!

    Writer: Kayleigh MG

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