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Collectors In Rock: Pt. 1

It's no secret that rock and heavy metal possesses some of the most committed fans around. 
Collectors In Rock celebrates the dedication of avid collectors from across the globe as they display and share some of their most prized posessions with us. 

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Collector: Erwin Lucas, Aged 45
Location: Heerenveen, The Netherlands

Tell us about where and how your journey began:
I am a collector of Iron Maiden and related items. Not only vinyl but almost everything available from the mighty Maiden and everything ever recorded by its members, past and present. I even wrote a book about that called 'Outside Iron Maiden'. Vinyl is magic... the smell of it when you open the sleeve for the first time, the look of that shiny black disc, the sleeve itself, ... The spark came for me when I started collecting Iron Maiden records back in 1986. CD just made it's entrance but wasn't the standard yet. Going to my local recordstore with the pocketmoney I made on my saturday paperround. Boxes filled with LP's and 12"s. Taking hours to find that one record you took home. And ofcourse the sound... so much richer than the digital recordings from nowadays.

First vinyl purchase:
My first vinyl purchase was a 7" by a Dutch band Doe Maar called 'Pa' back in 1983 when I was 11. The song is about a young man who did not become what his father wanted him to become. I liked the sleeve and that band was so popular in the Netherlands around that time, it felt like Beatlemania again. 

Most recent vinyl purchase:
An original 1978 Dutch pressing of Styx- Pieces Of Eight album. There is a secondhand store in my town that sells records and sometimes I find some real gems in there for a bargain.
Most featured artist in your collection:
Iron Maiden
Blaze Bayley
Bruce Dickinson

Most prized possession:

My prized possession is the original Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes 7" that I personally received from former Iron Maiden drummer Doug Sampson. He handed it to me when he was in the Netherlands with his band Airforce. I have it framed accompanied by a handwritten letter by Doug claiming that this is an original first batch pressing from 1979 which he got from Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood back then, and a photograph of me and Doug where he is giving it to

Top 5 favourites:

1) Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes 7"

2) Iron Maiden - Prowler 7" (Japan)

3) Speed - Down The Road 7"

4) Iron Maiden - Virtual XI 2LP signed by Blaze Bayley and Steve Harris

5) Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden LP (Mexico) signed by Dennis Stratton

Needles in the Haystack (Most Rare):
Of course my copy of The Soundhouse Tapes but also the Iron Maiden picture disc collection they released in 2012. All albums from 1980 until 1988 re-released on limited edition picture disc. The picture discs aren't that rare but I have the black box that holds them all and there are only 200 of those boxes released.

Priciest Piece:
I can't put a price on my Soundhouse Tapes. I've seen them being sold for over £1200 but this particular copy previously owned by Doug Sampson with the letter etc. is priceless.

Worthless Wonders:

1) The Secret - The Young Ones 7" UK Pressing 1977. You can buy this one for around €10 but is the first recording featuring Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray although uncredited.
2) The same goes for Cockerel Chorus - Nice One Cyril 7" from 1973 which you can buy for less than €1 but this one is the first recording featuring Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, also uncredited by the way.

Guilty Pleasures:

Halt Mich - Herbert Grönemeyer 7".

Most regular place for trading/purchases:
Mostly on Discogs but also in a few recordstores in my neighbourhood. Sadly now there aren't many record stores left but there are a few good ones near by.

Bargain Bin:
I've got two Italian radio promo's on 7" which I got from Radio Trieste for close to nothing. One has 'Massimo Luca' on the A side and 'Run To The Hills' from Iron Maiden on the B side. The other one has The Coconuts on the A side and 'Flight Of Icarus' by Iron Maiden on the B side. Not worth a fortune but getting them for almost nothing was a real bargain.

Favouite non-vinyl collectable:
A cassette single from The Trooper. Only released in Holland in a 12" package. Only a few left the factory before the management cancelled it. Bought it in the '90s for about 15 Guilders (€7) and saw it sold recently for over €150.

Interviewer: Kayleigh MG

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