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Collectors In Rock: Pt. 2

It's no secret that rock and heavy metal possesses some of the most committed fans around. 
Collectors In Rock celebrates the dedication of avid collectors from across the globe as they display and share some of their most prized posessions with us. 

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Collector: Mario Corbella
Location: Milan, Italy

Tell us a bit about yourself and when you started/why you have a passion for collecting:
I've listened to heavy metal since 1986, just after I saw the movie "Trick or Treat" featuring the soundtrack by Fastway (R.I.P. Fast Eddie) and then discovered Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Kiss, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, the whole NWOBHM scene that I still love so much. Not to mention the speed/thrash metal movement in its glory days. I also love doom bands like St.Vitus, Pentagram and the '90s great Pete Steele of Type O Negative, Carnivore, Fallout etc.

I have collected heavy metal stuff (both vinyl and tapes) since about 1989, but just trying to find out items by bands I really love. I’m not a completist and I don't like to buy records spending obscene amounts of money just because they're "rare" on collectors’ market. In the last 25 years I have focused my attention on NWOBHM goods, especially 7”s.

First ever vinyl purchase:
Ozzy OsbourneSpeak Of The Devil

Most prized possession: 
Holocaust- Heavy Metal Mania 12” EP acetate promo (in picture sleeve fully signed by original line up from back in the day).

The rarest item you own:
Not sure about that (as people and market tell different stories almost everyday) but I guess it’s a small bunch of coveted NWOBHM 7”s including Stormchild, Lautrec, Stormqueen (red label), Marquis de Sade, Shock Treatment, Demolition, Phyne Thanquz, Sapphire, Tracer, Tyrant, National Gold, Vahalla, Vardis (1st), Virtue, Iron Maiden ‘Strange World’ 10” acetate and more (including those mentioned in “Top 5 list”, see below)

Most featured artist in your collection:
For sure Blitzkrieg! My all time favourite band. I love everything Brian Ross made with all the bands he was involved, but Blitzkrieg’s vibes, rhythm, lyrics (from alien invasions to nordic legends, from Dr Who to Jack The Ripper, from The Prisoner to Alice Coper) and everything sums up what I’ve always loved about HM music...and it’s still inspiring me today!

Favourites (7”s, LPs, Demotapes):

  • Iron Maiden- The Soundhouse Tapes (with insert & signed stuff) 7”ep
  • Def Leppard- The Def Leppard EP (with insert & fully signed ps) 7”ep
  • Hollow Ground -Flying High (fully signed) 7”ep
  • Big Daisy - Fever (fully signed) 7”
  • Fallout - Rock Hard (with inner signed/dedicated to me by Pete) 7”
  • Diamond Head- Lightning to the Nations (fully signed white label 1st issue) LP
  • Saracen - Heroes, Saints and Fools (fully signed 1st issue, white rear) LP
  • Desolation Angels - Desolation Angels (fully signed test pressing) LP
  • Angel Witch Sweet Danger (2 x one-sided 12”) EP
  • Carnivore - World wars III & IV (acetate 12”) EP
  • Satan - Guardian demo MC
  • Paralex - Gettin’ Somewhere MC
  • Jaguar - Stormchild (fully signed) MC
  • Trespass - Through the Ages MC
  • Virtue - Fool’s Gold MC

Priciest Piece:
Original EMI Rec. reel to reel master tapes for the first Iron Maiden album (sent to New Zealand for that country issue in 1980)

Worthless wonder:
Mythra ‘D&D’ EP - Guardian record label printed more than 15,000 copies so you can still find it quite easily and cheap, but that slice of vinyl is class! One of my all time favourite records since the first day I gave it a spin on my record player! Top stuff!

Guilty pleasures:
Not hard rock or heavy metal but... original Motion Picture soundtracks, especially from John Carpenter’s movies (Escape From New York above all)

Favourite place to purchase/trade:
Back in the 90s’ every week hunting took place in record shops and/or fairs, it was magic!…Now only the world wibe web...

Bargain Bin: 
Meanstreak Played It Right 7” with press kit $0,5
Skitzofrenik USA 7” £4

Favourite non-vinyl collectable: 
Demotapes! I’ve always loved that prime era stuff by any band from the 70s’-80s’. It’s somehow fascinating to me and in several cases it not only represented a sort of passport for young bands to try and ‘fly’ to the majors, but also contained all the original stuff written and recorded so far. I still love to dig old tapes by cult underground bands, possibly help in officially reissuing them and resurrect old combos. 

Interviewer: Kayleigh MG

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