Friday, 21 September 2018

UK Tour Preview: Brian Downey's Alive & Dangerous

Following three packed out shows held at Nell's Jazz & Blues in Kensington to mark the 40th anniversary of Thin Lizzy's sublime 1978 live album, Brian Downey and the lads are back to give us more Alive and Dangerous.

Back in 2017, Brian Downey jammed at the esteemed annual Vibe For Philo celebration with the event's musical director and esteemed guitarist Brian Grace and The Lowrider members, Phil Edgar and Matt Wilson. Brian Downey's Alive And Dangerous was born. With Downey describing it as “an amazing first show experience”, there was no doubt that he'd want to continue with this new musical force. And that he did, blazing through gigs, whilst paying tribute to one of the greatest live recordings of all time.

Released in June, 1978, Live And Dangerous is a live album that is held in high regard amongst musicians and fans alike, being described as one of the 'best' and a 'classic'. Opening with the hard-hitting 'Jailbreak' the double LP captures the fiery yet soulfully seductive spirit of Thin Lizzy; just under an hour of their choice cuts up to that date, able to transport any listener to a Lizzy gig. We dare you to put the album on and not find yourself grooving to the tracklist, painstakingly chosen from hours of live recordings by the band and producer, Tony Visconti.

And so this leads us on to the present day. With numerous European festival appearances and the first Irish/Northern Irish leg of the tour under their belts, Alive and Dangerous are set to grace the UK with their glittering set full of Thin Lizzy classics. There may even be tracks which did not feature at the three previous London dates as Downey states that they “can play most of the Lizzy catalogue, so requests from the floor will always be considered”.

Catching up with front man and bassist Matt Wilson he tells us: “The tour is going good, big crowds and everybody in fine form and voice. Thanks to everybody that has come out to see us. The band is really cooking and this culminated in a very special gig in Lizzy's spiritual home, Dublin. There was a lot of love in the room, and I look forward to the upcoming British dates!”

There's no stopping Brian Downey's Alive And Dangerous, the well deserved attention has given way to the recording of brand new tracks. The band have been working in 'Sun Studios' (Dublin) on current material, with sessions continuing when the tour ends in October. Now this will be music to the ears of any Brian Downey fan.

Get yourselves down to one of the upcoming UK gigs:

Tuesday 25th September - Queen Vic, South Shields
Thursday 27th September - Eleven, Stoke
Friday 28th September - Camden Underworld, London
Saturday 29th September - The Robin 2, Wolverhampton
Monday 1st October – The Cathouse, Glasgow

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Writer: M Godding
Photography: Laurence Harvey