Monday, 8 October 2018

Interview: Kee Marcello

Swedish guitar maestro Kee Marcello is back in the UK for his Scaling Up Tour where he'll be performing many tracks from the 1988 Europe album 'Out of this World' and more! 

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Born Again's Kayleigh MG is lucky enough to sit down with the man himself for a good old chin-wag, and to hear what he's got in store for fans as his UK tour commences.

Kayleigh: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today, Kee! Your upcoming UK tour has been the talk of the town, particularly with you celebrating tracks from Out of this World for the 30th anniversary!

Kee: It's a pleasure- those songs are very special to me so I'm equally excited for the tour!

Kayleigh: Your first advertised show is at the Robin 2 in Bilston, but a little birdie told us you'll be back again at the brilliant Cavern Freehouse for a 'secret gig' on Wednesday 10th October... is that right?

Kee: Ah yeah, I didn't expect too many people to know about is supposed to be a secret show. It's more of a gig to warm-up for the London show you know? A chance to perform to close friends and colleagues and see how things go down. It is a great venue sure... really enjoyed playing there last time I was in town!

Kayleigh: So, as previously mentioned, you'll be treating fans to some of the brilliant tracks from Out of This World to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Were there ever any talks with the Europe guys about collaborating once more to bring this together? You are almost crossing paths with your UK dates...

Kee: No, nothing like that was ever discussed but I'm still on very good terms with the others. I'm just enjoying playing some of the tracks that have only been played a handful of times... overlooked tracks.

Kayleigh: So which of these overlooked gems can we look forward to hearing?

Kee: Songs like 'Sign of the Times' and 'More Than Meets the Eye' are always great to play.. those songs are so overlooked and for me are like well-kept secrets. I can't give too much away but let's just say there's a lot of never-before performed material and a chance to hear some jams with the rest of the band, too.

Kayleigh: Exciting! 'Sign of the Times' live- what a dream! What else can we be expecting to hear from the set?

Kee: There will be songs from Scaling Up as well as a few others in there too.

Kayleigh: Scaling Up is great- also very Europe-esque in it's melodic style with some songs sounding like they could have been squeezed on to Prisoners in Paradise

When song-writing, do you prefer writing as a solo artist or with the thought in mind that these songs will be intended to play with other musicians?

Kee: Good question... I think both have their great points. I mean I love working on my own projects, focusing on the material from birth to delivery, but you can't beat that collaboration you get when working with other musicians. Being a solo artist you get to have the best of both worlds.

Kayleigh: That's great to hear... in comparison to someone like Malmsteen who has the other musicians crammed on the side of the stage with him being at the centre. Is that not something that would interest you?

Kee: Haha! Oh no... Yngwie is great but that's ridiculous. I see it as a band effort- I work with some great musicians... It's so important that you get to gel and work collaboratively.

Kayleigh: So what's next for the Kee Marcello band? Will you be sticking with the melodic rock style? It's most certainly a genre you've put your stamp on. 

Kee: For sure... It's always great to play around with new sounds and I've done that in the past with bands like my '80s band Easy Action, but I won't be going into thrash metal or anything any time soon. 

Kayleigh: Well, if it ain't broke...

Kee- thank you so much for a great chat. To say we are excited for the UK tour is an understatement! We'll look forward to catching you at the Camden Underworld!

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